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Cosmic crystal light therapy

Each light aligns with a different chakra, beginning at the crown of the head down to the groin.

The bed also has crystals embedded within it, and an infrared heating mat underneath the sheets and blankets. A machine attached to the side of the bed is used to control the crystal lights and vibrational settings – the latter can be synced with a soundtrack of soothing sounds and binaural beats (soundwave frequencies said to induce a meditative state). For the next half hour crystals glowed softly above me, the bed went through various vibrational cycles, and the sound of hypnotic beats fused with ‘natural’ sounds like a flowing creek or waves crashing on the beach played in my ears. As someone who constantly meditates, I found the vibrations to remind me of drums, which lead my brain to think it was time to dance. I literally kept thinking to myself Zen not dance brain. As time continued to pass, it became easier to surrender to the present moment. I even had an outer body experience where my soul was elevated out of my body and simply observing my earthly self, as if to say, "wow you're really into all frequencies of the universe." It was an incredibly uplifting experience. I highly recommend Modrn Sanctuary to anyone who is looking to raise their vibrations in the concrete jungle. Blessings of love and light<3

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