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What's worth doing even if you fail? Failure will always instruct and help to make necessary adjustment. Failure is a gift, so there is no reason to be afraid or worry about the future. This question is simply a way of allowing yourself to surrender to the divine. My intuition often gives me downloads that are not in alignment with what I want. This is often frustrating especially since my mind believes it knows whats best for me. Our minds simply create illusions and narratives that further align our reasoning for believing this is what we deserve. Our intuition doesnt work that way, our intuition is a divine vessel that connects us to our higher power. When we fully surrender to our intuition, it may be hard because we don't want to accept this truth. On the path to success there will be a lot of challenges. In all of the history about successful people were that they did not reach their level of success without plenty of tears, pains, and uncertainties. However, there will also be happiness, abundance, and fulfillment. Success and fulfillment don't happen overnight, but they can be achieved with persistence, determination, and faith. Believe in what the divine realm envisions for your future and you will do just fine. Fill your life with enthusiasm and inspiration and you will not spend a day worrying about what the future will bring. Remember that the mind is a powerful thing, and that anything you set your mind on will manifest in your life. Success is your destiny.

Always stay grateful XO

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