You are loved

It's always really important to check in with yourself and follow your own intuition. Some days will feel like you're connected to the universe on a high vibration and others day you will feel meh. It's important to realize that neither day means you are or aren't enough. I decided to dye my hair a different color. Before I did, I set an intention to God that I was ready to cut the chord of shame from not being good enough. I asked God to please help me find a hair color that reflected my higher self where I say I am more than enough. This new hair color will reflect this new chapter where I embrace myself fully. So I chose a hair color and see the cashier with just the word perfect coming out of shirt and I asked her what did her tattoo say and then she showed it to me. "Perfectly imperfect". It was such a confirmation from God and my higher self that I'm embracing this new chapter where I embrace it all because "I am more than enough." Free yourself and trust the process! You are always protected and loved.