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Sweating is a spiritual practice

Those of us on a spiritual path understand that the body is a vessel for our essence, our spirit, our divine light in order to fully experience the gift that life has to offer, it is imperative that we care for our temple. Detoxing clears the body---->Your brain is a part of that body----->a clear brain means faster and clearer thought processes create better connections to your intuition. Sweating is a part of our body's cleansing process. When we sweat, the body undergoes several processes that increase metabolism and allow for the release of toxins. We are regulary exposed to contaminants and poisons in our environment, and detoxing regulary through healing our body and sweating them out, releases them. Even though I only did 30 minutes in the infrared sauna, I feel lighter and free. My spiritual download from sweating was : The reason why some of us don't go after our happiness is because we are looking at it from the wrong perspective. This is your life and your choice has power. Stay grateful


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