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Balance & Staying Optimistic

Programming your mind to do what you wanted to do in life, your beliefs about your power and potential will drive your success. To discover your calling, you must realize your calling is greater than your passion. Don't work for your passion, make your passion work for you.

1. Declare your intention or inspiration

2. Take a smell step to begin moving toward your goal.

3. Keep taking action on all next steps and new opportunities.

4. Surround yourself with positive people and messages.

5. Clear any limiting beliefs as you notice them.

It is an adventure of challenging your limits, your beliefs and the possibilities of what if you succeed.

Have faith that it's working out in your favor. All you can do today is to start taking action of your next "dot". It's the next "dot" that will lea to your success. Dot by dot, by dot, you will get there.

Stay Grateful XO

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