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Release all that no longer serves your highest and best to bring value in clarity. When you surrender to love, you will witness the transformation to tune yourself into your higher power. This will provide synchroncities and peace. Committing to your happiness increases your chance for success.

With every new breath, claim your sovereignty. Deeply tune in by going beyond the edges of your consciousness and diving into unknown waters for a lap around the infinite mystery of existence. You’re fucking magnetized to your delicious divine light filled energy of source created from your own sense of Self.

Inner radiance is something you commit to.

It takes radiance ritual,

and continuing to say yes to the upliftment and activation and worshipping of the Soul.

Radiance is something you wear,

and share with the world.

But it's not something you can buy.

It's already in you.

It's shakti.

It's spirit.

It's magnetic awakening at the base of your spine.

Radiance is WHO YOU ARE.

As long as you authentically awaken it now.

Let your ego crumble in love and open your heart to the innate presence of humble miracles...

❤️ They are everywhere. Remember.

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