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Dear Beloved,

Today I write to you to remind you that you are not alone. I know you feel completely overwhelmed sometimes by everything it seems you need to remember to do: eat well, think well, speak well, work well, play well, meditate well, create well, sleep well, love well, be well, ad infinitum. I invite you to pause wherever you are, if you can, when you can, and take a breath. Softly close your eyes, place your left hand on your heart and your right hand on your belly/womb and take a nice long, slow, deep breath into your belly. S l o w l y… e x h a l e… twice as long as your inhale. Continue like this for at least three rounds of breath. Notice how you feel now. The subtle shift that occurs when you pull away from all external stimulus and go within. Feel the breath moving in and out of your nostrils. Feel your whole body relax as you become present. Feel the beautiful sense of ease that sets in when all you focus on is the breath…moving in and out.

Now that I properly have your attention… =D I want you to know HOW MUCH I LOVE YOU beyond any capacity for my words to properly express the depth of my love, yet I will utilize this primitive form of communication to inspire you as best as I can. If you could see yourself how I see you…there would be no question, no doubt, no hesitation about the perfection of your existence! You would effortlessly dance your way through life, integrating each hardship and challenge as just another perfectly sequenced choreography in this great performance of Life. Each perceived enemy would be the “perfect” dance partner for the present act, perfectly leading you into your soul’s highest expression if you would just allow it and stop resisting. If you would stop insisting that you should be dancing with someone else. This doesn’t mean you will dance forever, nor should you, to the same old sad tune with the same players…but I daresay that if you give to yourself fully the dance at hand…it will play out in due course and before you know it the next set of characters and plot twist will reveal itself.

The key is the dance…the flow… You -can- fight your way through life and you will most certainly manifest all sorts of situations to fight for and fight through. Or you can dance. When you dance, you surrender, you open, you allow, you invite. While the current melody may be somber and desolate, when you allow, accept and embrace it…you honor it. You give it the life it so desires and with that, full permission to exist and so then it gracefully dies of its own accord, giving way to the next melody… And when you live from this space of heart open, you will find yourself naturally being lifted higher and higher into your natural state of joy. See, you’ve been told you need to pursue happiness. But happiness is who you are. When you “work” to be happy, you will never experience it because by the mere fact of “working for it” you are saying to yourself that you are not it! When you can allow yourself to be fully present with what is in this present moment, (is there any other moment but Now?), when you can GIVE to yourself the gift of the present, everything you are seeking will be revealed to you. When you stop resisting and running away from feeling what there is to feel right here and right now, you align with your authentic self and allow who you really are to manifest in your body. Stop running away from yourself! You are right where you have always been all along…here, now =) And it’s in this here and now that all of your wishes will be fulfilled, your dreams made manifest, your desires quenched. You are the one you have been waiting for. No one is coming to save you. That’s the good news. Stop waiting to live! Stop waiting to be happy until you have the life that you think you want. And I say “think you want” because how do you really know what you want? How do you know that “what you think you want” will make you happy?

My precious love, have you suffered enough yet? No judgement if you haven’t, it’s just really a matter of choice. One day you will wake up and realize that you have had enough suffering and are ready to allow yourself to be happy. Yes! It IS THAT EASY. You don’t want it to be easy. If it’s THAT EASY what about ALL OF THE SUFFERING?! WHY???!!!! Well, forget about it. It’s not your fault, it’s no one’s fault. It’s just what has been and can now be “what was”. Your addiction to suffering is just a habit. A habit begins with a thought and a thought can be changed. One thought at a time. That’s how it works. Nice and easy, slow and steady. This isn’t a race ;-)

Trust me, I know. We’re attached to our stories, they have been our identity. Who would I be without the suffering? Who would I be without the story that I am a minority who has suffered injustice and that I need to fight to prove myself? I might have no idea who I am anymore. This is a terrifying thought for most. What opens up is a space of emptiness. We think emptiness is bad, scary, and dark. But it’s simply that…empty….able to be filled by whatever you CHOOSE. The funny thing is when you speak of “feeling empty”, you’re not really empty in those moment. If you were empty you would be neutral. You are actually filled with despair, a sense of disconnection, resignation, and a variety of other lower vibrational experiences.

And this is the gift I wish to inspire you with today. I invite you to fill your cup consciously with intention. You have allowed others to fill your cup with their projections, expectations, stories of what is possible and what is not, limitations based on their own personal experience, fears, hopes, and desires for what they want. You have allowed yourself to merely be the actor in your life, reciting lines from an outdated paradigm. For a long time you were not able to be aware of this. You were just in it. Now you are waking back up, you are remembering the truth of your being. You are remembering that you are a sovereign creator capable of living a life by design. Capable of writing and carefully selecting the songs you wish to dance. No longer living a random jukebox life, you are empowering yourself as a master composer. Once again, this is effortless. This is WHO YOU ARE. Do you think a lion needs to exude any effort to be a lion? You need only release that which has been weighing you down. Strip off the masks, unshackle the self-administered chains, reveal yourself to yourself…

“What does all of this mean?,” you might ask. “Sounds great but this is all really abstract and conceptual.” Once again, I invite you take a breath... deep into the belly… and exhale. It’s much less about “doing” than it is about “being”. When you shift WHO you are being, the doing, the actions naturally fall into place.

There are many ways to approach healing the –perceived- separation from source that you feel. None of them is “the right way” or “the best way”. We are all different and many maps are needed to appeal to different types. The key as I mentioned above, is the dance, in other words: play. Life is supposed to be fun! I invite you to release ANY notion that you are here to struggle, suffer and learn painstaking life lessons to atone for your sins. You are not here to fix, change or save anyone or anything, including the world. You are more than welcome to have your life be about relieving as much suffering for others as possible, just don’t get it twisted that the world needs saving. I know this is a triggering thought for many of you. It seems SO obvious that Planet Earth is going through radical shifts. Once again, take another breath.

I invite you to consider creating from joy. Because you can! Because you love it! Not because you –have- to. Immediately this kind of thinking is enslavement, self-imposing a sense of obligation. No one likes to be obligated, root word obligo meaning “to bind”.

This is just the beginning. There are many tools, tips and technologies I wish to share with you to assist you on your journey towards remembering your natural state of joy, peace, love and freedom. For now, just contemplate these words. Anytime you notice tension arising, come back to the breath. Give yourself permission to not need to know. Allow yourself to live in the question, let your dance be the inquiry for the sake of the joyful exploration. Again, joy doesn’t have to be all happy go lucky, is there not joy on a soul level when you are facing your darkest demons and seeing them for what they really are? Isn’t there a sense of joy in the darkest hour because its in that darkest hour that you finally make that leap of faith?

You are not alone. There are many seen and unseen forces guiding you, available to assist you at any moment, you need only ask. Then make time to get quiet and listen… Eventually the asking becomes an affirming for you realize you have already been given everything you need, it then becomes up to you to activate what you desire within. You need only flip on the light switch, instead of praying in the dark for electricity.

Begin where you are dear one. You are EXACTLY where you are supposed to be. You are perfect, whole and complete. Right on schedule. Relax and allow. Let go. No need to hold on to anything. No need to force or “make anything happen”. You’re not going to miss out. You have not been forgotten. The journey of a thousand miles begins beneath your feet. Start where you are. Be extra kind, loving and gentle with yourself. The ascension process is no joke and yet it is the biggest joke, the Cosmic Joke! Haha… Honor your experience and maintain perspective about your eternal nature. The best is only yet to come and the easier it gets, the easier it gets…

Here for you always, holding space for your highest unfoldment, with loving arms, Your Beloved~

Stay grateful XO

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