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Happy International Girl's day

On international Girl's day, I feel honored and privileged to be able to have a platform on where I can freely express my lessons and blessings.

Sometimes when I look back at my life, I wonder how am I still alive. The level of pain I have experienced baffles me. Then I remind myself ... there is no need to look back, I'm not going there. Pain deepened me in ways I never imagined existed, I am very familiar with fear and darkness, that's why I am so passionate about what I do ... help others guide themselves out of pain and fear as I have guided myself, time and time again. Pain also gave me strength believe it or not, through experiencing my own, I discovered that of the collective and it propelled me to rise and be there for those who are drowning. In many ways it is pain that made me who I am today, I have learned compassion, passion and inspiration in my darkest moments. See, the expansion of the soul is equivalent in both directions of pain and love. In many ways, I found love in the abyss of darkness as I had to look deep within to find that spark when nothing else was there ... and what an incredible feeling that is, to remember of the light within and let it illuminate all that's hidden in the shadows. Ahhh, the process ... pain is a part of it. According to Vedas, we are a bridge between the realms of fear and the realms of love ... therefore we are both , and upon experiencing full spectrum, we return to neutrality and ultimate, pure state of presence aka mastery ~

Remain Grateful

Blessings of love and light

Shine on Queens


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