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Throw away all of your masks and put on your soul <3

Halloween is a holiday where its permitted to wear a mask for fun festivities. What we aren't aware of is the masks that we consistently keep on each day because we are afraid to show our vulnerability. In my book Soul Excelsior I share a personal experience of how vulnerability can often lead to judgment. "What I also learned from church was judgment.... I remember I had felt reborn by the holy spirit with a new perspective. I wanted to dye my hair a very bold and bright color. One of the ladies who attended church weekly asked... What color do you want to dye your hair?... I responded.. Rihanna Red. The church lady responded NO, Rihanna worships the devil, don't dye your hair that color. I couldn't shake that feeling of being labeled and judged over a hair color. It hurt my feelings because I felt as if I was developing a closer relationship to God and this lady was making me feel If i chose this hair color, I wasn't being right with God. This is when I found myself judging her. When I became aware of my judgment, I realized both her and I failed with God's message. God was the only one who could judge us. From that moment, I forgave her and myself for our judgments and became compassionate to the lesson." You can see from the picture above, I am wearing a rihanna red hair wig. As much as it may seem as if it isn't a big deal, one of the biggest lessons I have learned is to free yourself from what others think because thats their perception on life. Always align yourself with God and understand that not everyone is going to understand your path or perspective and to be honest its not up to them to understand its up to you to develop trust within yourself and to always have faith. This halloween set your focus on resetting and committing to loving yourself. You could spend your lifetime wanting to appeal to others' standards. But that's not a strategy for a fulfilling life.Now is the time to start honoring your authentic values.Get to know yourself. Hang out with your own kind. Put others' opinions in perspective. Only then will you be free to live your life … your way. Be free, empowered, your own best friend and reflect love always and in all ways.

Blessings of love and light

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