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Follow your bliss

Within all of us is the potential to create a life we love. The first step to living a life that inspires you is to believe that you can achieve it. Visualization is one tool that can help break patterns that hold you back. Positive visualizations programs your subconscious to expect a positive outcome. This shift in consciousness helps you attract resources, such as people and situations that will support your new way of being. You may also become more aware of the support that already exists around you. Your inner and outer world are deeply connected; therefore, it is crucial that you unclutter your mind so you can tap into your inner guide. In order to connect with your center, you need to give yourself quiet time to just be, for it is in those moments when your mind is at rest that your intuition, or true voice, surfaces. When life says "this is your new truth", you have to accept this change and be brave. Don't put your comfort zone above your purpose. Step into the unknown where miracles happen, be bold because life will always find a way. Wishing you a happy and blessed 2018 <3

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