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New Year...New words

Every year instead of choosing new year's resolutions, I decided to choose 2 words to be my consistent centering focus throughout the months. The two words I chose are "Receive" and "Now". I often find its easier to give than it is to receive. The universe is asking us to balance our energies and take action this year. If you find yourself over giving, you must place yourself in a loving role to receive. If you find yourself over receiving, you must place yourself in a loving role to give. This can be only done by going within and being aware on how you show up for yourself and others. I often find strong and independent people are always the ones to give and not receive. If this is you, understand how wonderful it feels when you give to someone and in turn how wonderful it will make them feel when you allow yourself to be given love in return. When you receive love from others, you actually give them the love of gratitude, so receiving love is giving love. Beautiful! I also chose the word "Now" to keep myself constantly in alignment with the present moment. Its quite easy to fixate on something like the future that hasn't arrived or the past that has already happened. The "now" recalibrate's my new opportunities and blessings in which I allow myself to receive and to give.

Be love, Be light and be grateful



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