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Spring Equinox Blessings

There are many aspects of modern living that may be creating an environment that is literally `out of tune’ with Nature itself. In ancient times it was common to walk barefoot on the earth.

What is grounding.

Grounding is based on your connection to your physical body and to Earth.

What does that mean in practice.

  • This means having a strong connection to the present moment because you have learned soul embodiment.

  • You feel connected to the earth’s energy that provides you with constant healing and restoration.

  • You have a connection with the physical body’s innate wisdom to heal itself and provide stamina, resilience and strength.

  • You have a deep sense of knowing that can be offered through the tools and guidance system that comes through feelings and sensations that the body is attuned to.

  • Increased life force. The energies of the earth are our most primal and vital energies. An ungrounded life is a life mostly not lived to its highest potential.

  • There is a deep healing vibration that comes from being in communication with the earth heartbeat.

  • You can release deep trauma and old patterns of fear and abandonment that are stored on a cellular level, many that may come from past lives of perhaps ancestral karma.

  • You can heal and release dense emotions such as shame and guilt that often convert to illness and disease in the physical body.

  • You can heal energetic blocks especially those connected to the lower chakras that relate to security, safety and stability. Good grounding is synonymous with feeling and knowing that you belong, and are safely held in the earth community.

Symptoms of being ungrounded

  • You don’t feel safe and protected. This can often be because of a trauma that happened at a young age that caused the soul to go out of the body in order to escape the reality of the circumstance. We have all experienced this and grounding is one of the way to reprogram the body that you are safe.

  • Seeing’ without grounding is prone to projection and fantasy. It isn’t always very ‘real’. Many people will experience this when they meet someone who seems very “airy fairy” or with their heads in the clouds, meaning their world seems to have no basis in the collective world around them. This is one of the most common thing I see with people who are spiritually awakened yet ungrounded. Getting grounded and rooted is deeply important in working with or increasing psychic sensitivity. You learn to sense kinesthetically and this builds up part of the psychic picture.

  • You may experience difficulty being a part of society and would rather exist solely in your own reality(in excess this can create issues). Your vivid imagination and visions of other times and places always seem to be more enjoyable than the present moment.

  • You may have a difficulty with intimacy, developing close relationships or maintaining them.

  • You may have a hard time experiencing or sustaining joy and pleasure. The very sensation of pleasure as we agreed to in this human incarnation requires us to be embodied; connecting deeper into our bodies in order to open up the channels for us to feel more of life’s richness.

  • You may find it difficult to operate in the three dimensional world with structures such as time, having a job, paying taxes, doing paperwork. Being able to be “in the world” is very much connected to embodiment

  • You may experience deep feelings of not wanting to be here, lacking in drive, apathy, depression, helplessness or hopelessness.

How to get grounded

  • Going for a walk, especially in nature

  • Earthing, which means walking barefoot on grass

  • Spending some time in nature.

  • Hugging trees

  • Eating something, especially root vegetables or herbs

  • Visualization where you Imagining tree roots coming out of the feet, or anchors, or imagining you are a tree

  • There are several yoga poses that an help with grounding. We love sun salutations, child’s pose and tree pose.

  • Exercising, consider incorporating ancient practices such as qigong or tai chi that work specifically with gathering life force energy from the earth.

  • Using a grounding mat. This should in no way be a replacement for spending time barefoot in nature but can be useful for sleep or for those in colder climates.

  • Vibrational remedies. (we offer an amazing kit this month to deepen in grounding which includes stones, essential oils, sage, herbs, and more)

  • Massages, especially deep massages like rolfing and other forms of bodywork

  • Bio-energetics and other body-centred psychotherapy

  • Ancestral healing work

  • Shamanic healing (soul retrievals)

  • Energy healing

  • Eating fresh, locally grown seasonal food

  • Eating more legumes and root vegetables

Always remain grateful for these new beginnings... Spring blessings to all<3

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