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Gratitude and Contentment

Contentment is to rest in trust that God is in control. Circumstances, good or bad, are opportunities for blessings. So, once you go to God in gratitude, you can live life in contentment. Contentment is not passive and uninformed, but rather engaged and educated. It is not anxious. It replaces worry with work, pity with prayer, pride with humility, and grumbling with gratitude.

Your peace and stability is the fruit of contentment, which grows out of the ground of gratitude. Seed this soil in prayer, and you will see abundance abound. You are able to accommodate in adversity, because the Almighty has gone before you. You are able to bridle wants in prosperity, because gratitude to God and contentment in Christ govern your generosity. Thank God often, and trust Him to cultivate your contentment. Love is what matters most. Connection to other people and forming friendship is what matters. Moving from narcissism to connection is what matters, and working through challenges and adversity in life make us who we are; without them, we cannot build character and learn resilience. Gratitude opens the door to contentment. Gratitude helps us better understand our place in the world. It pushes our praise to those who rightly deserve it. It causes us to focus on the good things we already have regardless of our present circumstances. It improves our well-being in almost every regard. As a result, it is the surest pathway to contentment.

Stay Grateful

Blessings XO-G

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