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Find the light

We all have those days were we feel like we’ve hit rock bottom, it happens to even the best of us. But you know what, we always overcome. We overcome, the uncomfort, the sadness, the fear, the pain, whatever it may be. Then we start something new, and we are nervous again, like the first day of going to high school. Who are we going to sit with, how are we going to fit in again? But you know what, we figure it out, and then this new thing, becomes familiar to us, and were not so scared anymore. We always realize at the end of the day our fear was created by our minds, and there was in fact no reason to be fearful. Sometimes we feel were alone in this life, but we never truly are. There is always someone, even a perfect stranger, ready to lend a listening ear. If you ever feel that, know that you are not alone, someone, somewhere is waiting to hear your story, to learn from it, grow from it, and be a guide. Sometimes we think no one understands what we are through, believe me I know that feeling very well, but most people can relate to the feelings you are feeling. Maybe the situation is not the same, but your feelings can be felt by all. Sometimes all you need in times of darkness is just a flashlight to guide you through. Find that flashlight, whether it be just opening up about your story, or a friend or stranger, or even faith, and keep pursuing through, to the beautiful sunshine and rainbows waiting for you at the end of the tunnel. You are strong than you could ever believe, and although I don’t know you, you are incredible and loved! Be the light.

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