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Fallin' for change

As we move into fall, we reflect on the season of change. The leaves begin turning from green to an array of beautiful orange and reds, and eventually they fall until they are reborn again in the spring. Fall reminds it’s okay to change, it’s okay to fall and be reborn again. Change comes in many forms, the small simplicity of a haircut, or the drastic change of a negative behavior. Change also comes in another form, and that is when we are being asked to change, to compromise. Sometimes we make changes, not to our personality, but to our life and behaviors to compromise for a loved one. This could be something as simple as a parent asking for constant help, even though they have a significant other but would rather ask you for help because you constantly allow it. Sometimes we allow people to think our time is unlimited, and our schedules are always available. How often do you cut out a piece of your day for you? My guess is maybe once a week, if that. I was asked to compromise, not because I was being selfish, but because the other person did not speak up for what they wanted. Sometimes we take advantage of that as well. I have since changed, but have also realized that this change seems to imbalance the flow, so like the leaves I need to let it change, fall and be reborn again. To me this statement doesn’t mean an ending, but a new compromise, an adjustment, a new balance. Change is not something to be feared, it is happening each and everyday. Embrace it with open arms. Make small commitments to yourself everyday to do something for you. It can be as simple as just sitting with your thoughts for five minutes, or going out for a five minute walk to be alone with yourself. These moments are necessary so you can be aware of what you need and what you want. Let yourself come home to you, open and willingly, fall, and be reborn again each and everyday.

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