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Believe in something bigger than yourself

There are few worse feelings for a creative visionary, a dreamer, or even a human with a pulse to see your dreams not play out the way you wanted…or even materialize at all. It’s a horrible feeling for anybody with hope and a dream to have it be deferred or destroyed (Proverbs 13:12).

We oftentimes use certain reasons for why we don't complete a project or why we don't pursue our passions. Usually those reasons are money or our lack of network in terms of who we know. But if we ask ourselves do we believe in creator? The creator who is omnipresent and control of all. If you know creator which is the most powerful divine source because it has conquered the world. How could you ever say I believe in God but say you don't know anyone who could make your dreams come true?

God isn’t here to fulfill all our dreams. Notice how I say our dreams. God has His own dreams, or plans if you will, that He’s fulfilling for you and through you.

Sometimes what you really want doesn’t mean it’s God’s plan for you. But sometimes something you really do want is God’s plan for you.

God does have good plans for you. Plans that may not be what you thought, but plans that will utilize your unique talents and God-given desires in a way to glorify God.

Your dreams may take time. They may need to be fine-tuned a bit. They may even become entirely new dreams. It may take God working on our hearts and us being truly delighted in Him to desire good things….not things that make us look good or make us a lot of money. It may take a while, but it will happen.​

Even though the dreams God fulfills in your life may be different than the ones you thought you wanted, you have to remember that God is good and His plans are good. This means that even though it’s not what you originally thought, it’s better than anything you could have dreamed up yourself.

Our dreams might not work out, but God’s will. And God’s dreams will always be better than ours. trust and believe in God, specifically trust Him with your dreams, because He knows best.

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