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My journey to finding faith was not just a skip, jump or leap. It was more like an ocean, on high tide drawing me in. It completely engulfed me; it did not develop in stages. It was me, completely surrendering to all that I thought I knew and to me just letting going and finally saying Y-E-S! It all began at a point of uncertainty. Uncertainty of who I was, uncertainty of where I belonged, uncertainty of where I was going. I was filling my body from head to toe with pressure of uncertainty and I was single handedly denying myself the Y-E-S. I lived in fear of what if? What if I made the wrong decision? What if I didn’t succeed? What if I wasn’t good enough? What if I was being judged? What if I was repeating the past? While I was spending so much time and energy saying no, and questioning myself, I was denying myself of the positive life I deserved so long ago. The moment I found faith, I found the answer Y-E-S! When I found YES, I found I CAN DO ANYTHING. I also found Y-E-S; You Evolve Subconsciously. I was subconsciously feeding myself so much negativity that’s how my life was evolving. Most people are scared of the ocean pulling you in because fear lives in all of us. But when you release yourself you suddenly find yourself floating above the surface. When you find faith, you find the real you. Say yes, release doubt. Forget the what ifs, forget the should have, could have, the “I can’t,” the “I won’t.” Because you CAN and you WILL, whether you choose to surrender or not. Faith will find you, maybe in small steps, or like me, pulled all at once straight into the depths of the sea. You have to release and trust that what is meant for you will always be yours. It will always find a way back to you. But most importantly, in your journey, always say yes, to yourself first and foremost. You can do this! You evolve subconsciously. The moment I found faith, I found me. Y-E-S!

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