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Finding gratitude

If fear of death is, in fact, as inevitable as the event itself – there’s one change we can make to help. In Western culture, we tend to pretend death doesn’t exist, whereas research has indicated that the East Asian yin and yang philosophy of death – where life can’t exist without death – allows individuals to use death as a reminder to enjoy life. I realized my intuition was always speaking to me, after all it is a divine conduit for the higher self. The illusion was the attachment to the past suffering. See most of us identify with pain because it’s the one thing we believe we experience through all of our senses. But in reality what we are identifying with is our ego. Our ego believes these attachments are what makes us feel alive. It’s the feeling that provides us comfort that we exist. Our ego’s need to attach to pain to give ourselves a sense of importance. None of this is true because our ego’s are inheritances from our human path. Our soul knows that we have established soul contracts before our human selves manifested on the earth’s surface. Our God is big and vast and good. He can handle doubts. Love yourself unconditionally by investing in your faith and finding peace within. The best is yet to come!

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