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Acupuncture for freeing the inner child<3

As much as it's incredible to be able to live out my purpose of providing healing to others, I have to practice what I preach. I'm blessed to have a fabulous cousin Marssela who is a licensed medical practictioner, acupuncturist and healer who was gracious enough to tune me up. I began by intuitively noticing how I did not want to be in my body anymore. It was as if my Qi was completely run down by external things. I explained this to Marssela and she calmly and thoroughly understood. I layed down on a bed where there was zen music playing. Once she was done placing the needles on my back, she left the room for me to tune in. At first, it seemed as if I was mostly doing deep breathing. At some point, I began to drift off and I began to go into a deep trance state. I was able to see a dark circle with only an eye peeping out. I walked closely and realized it was my inner child. I began to cry because I noticed my inner child was hiding and afraid to come out. I gave her my hand to come out, told her it was ok and all she needed to do was give me her hand. I told her I loved her, it was going to be okay and that she could trust me. She finally gave me her hand and we began to laugh and decided to spin and spin until we got dizzy. While all this was happening I was crying from happiness. I finally woke up out of my trance state greeted by Marssela. She was so calm and nurturing as I returned back completely united with the part of me that needed the most self care. The biggest takeaway I took from my experience is that every time you genuinely speak up, you reclaim your right to be respected. It is your birthright. You are meant to be expressive just as when you were a child. And guess what? This child still lives in you and wants to be heard once again. Beyond grateful and appreciative for this amazing session with this talented healer. If you are looking for an acupuncturist, I highly recommend Marssela or any healer you resonate with.

Blessings of love and light.

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