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8 years tobacco free

It's easy to shame-bash smokers by telling them their aura/chakras/lungs are riddled with toxins/negative thought forms/addictive spiritual parasites, but like all duality, today I encourage you to consider another side to smoking... A sacred side, that involves prayer, offerings, purification and respect. And as Indian Jesuit priest Anthony de Mello pointed out, “Be grateful for your sins. They are carriers of grace."

I recall quitting smoking 8 years ago today. I remember telling people my reason for smoking is that it would heal me and calm me. I recall people judging me because they thought I was making excuses for not kicking the habit. As an ever evolving student of this incredible universe, I learned I was a highly sensitive person. For HSP’s, cigarette smoking helps shield the emotional body from overwhelm; it may be that the smoke decreases the empathic overload of feeling the feelings of others around them. Having smoke fill the lungs may also surround and protect the heart. Once I was able to realize I smoked because there was an unhealed aspect of myself that I was trying to heal by smoking, I was then able to receive my breaking point. I wished to be a non-smoker because I was tired of the expense and the drain on my energy. I chose to focus all my attention into surrendering hour by hour for the sake of my body healing itself. Since your body starts healing itself 2 hours after your last cigarette, your body really gets into healing mode in 2 days after your last cigarette. As your nerve endings start to grow back you feel physical and emotional pain you haven’t felt in years. It’s this pain that having a cigarette keeps you from and your body thinks that having a cigarette will make this go away but all it will do is numb those nerve endings again and make them shrink back. The cravings that you are having is your body healing…so let your body heal. New habits equal a new life. I made it through my first week of quitting smoking by meditating, hypnotherapy, listening to relaxing music and running. After 8 years of quitting smoking, I can honestly say that I was wounded to heal and the only reason I was addicted was so that i could overcome it and gain the wisdom to pass on to others.

Blessings <3

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