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Surrendering to the reiki path

The truth is the mind can sometimes work against an individual’s greatest good; the essence of who we are is not found in our brains. The soul and all of it’s truth about us lies in the gut, while love, compassion, kindness, and courage are found in the heart. Practicing meditation or mindfulness can transform us from a prisoner of the mind into its master. Energy aka Chi, Qi, or prana flows through and around our bodies and into the energy centers we know as the chakras. Chakras - Root (Red)- basic trust, Sacral (orange)-creativity, sexuality, Solar plexus (yellow)-wisdom and power, Heart (Green)-love and healing, Throat (blue)-communication, Third eye (blue)- awareness, Crown (purple) spirituality.

When energy along these pathways becomes congested or depleted, an individual can experience symptoms such as pain, inflammation, anxiety, stress, etc.

My form of reiki modalities is by using my hands in a heart centered, intentional way to direct the flow of energy, releasing congestion and redirecting the energy field back to its original smooth flowing alignment. With the body in perfect harmony, relaxation occurs and the body has the ability to heal itself. Using an intuitive chakra scan, setting positive intentions and the flow of energy through my hands can provide such deep relaxation and pain relief. Blessings<3

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