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Raise your vibration. Raise your success level.

The universe is made up of vibrational energy. When you like something or resonate with it, you are interacting at a higher vibration. Most animals already operate at this higher level. Humans are community oriented and live within a certain set of beliefs. There's no need to train a dog to sense vibes. It’s something already ingrained in their being. We can learn so much from animals. They can teach us how to live in the moment, to love unconditionally, not to question what is, and how to truly enjoy life to the fullest. They are operating from the realm of the law of attraction - attracting to themselves what they intuitively know they need, what is best for them in their sphere of reality. Whether high or low in their vibrations, they attract whatever surrounds them in their world of energy and frequency. Our pets actually are a link with the magical world, the more spiritual, invisible realm, something we may not be fully conscious of as we go about our busy lives, absorbed by distractions around us. On my morning jog, I saw this dog run up to me in excitement. I noticed there was no owner. Thankfully, the dog had a collar with a phone number. I called up the owner and she was so grateful to be reunited with her family. When you hold this high vibrational level, you compel life to rise and match it — to essentially bring you what you believe you already have.


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